Mobile Health Platform

Telemedicine is arguably the greatest economic and health care experiment of all time. This disruptive technology has changed the face of health care forever, as it has opened up vast new opportunities for doctors and patients alike. Built from the ground up for telemedicine and mobile health, Covantex is uniquely positioned to accelerate the adoption of telemedicine as a mainstream means of providing health care.  Our goal is to provide better health care at a fraction of the cost to millions of patients both anywhere and anytime.

Covantex was created to empower physicians, health institutions as well as patients with a complete mobile health technology platform.  Our platform includes everything you need to establish a telemedicine practice - a completely cloud-based HIPAA compliant solution with integrated HD video conferencing, online prescription ordering coupled with SMS, MMS and eMail integrations to facilitate the doctor patient relationship, and automated billing for recurring and one-time fees.

Covantex is changing the face of telehealth, mobile medicine and telemedicine one patient at a time.

Our mHealth Portal

Covantex's mHealth Portal is an easy to use full-featured electronic health record, which serves as a way to manage all patient activities.  The portal even provides updated tracking of multiple patient visits across time.

Covantex's EMR tracks key information including demographics, medical, social and family history and more.  When a change is made, the version of that section of the EMR saved.  In this way, you have complete and accurate patient history in your EMR to review at your leisure whenever you like.

Platform as a Service

Covantex can also be deployed as your complete embeded platform. We can completely brand the experience to your needs and use your physician network and call center or ours or a combination of both. Send us an email at to find out more about jump starting your telemedicine strategy.

Secure Medical Records-HIPAA Compliant

Covantex EMR provides a secure HIPAA compliant storage for medical documents of all kinds.  All documents ranging from x-rays and CT scans to lab work and more are all stored in a HIPAA compliant data center.   Covantex medical data is encrypted to FIPS 140-2 standards at rest.  When in transit, Covantex employs secure SSL.

In short, Covantex is HIPAA compliant and very secure.  We’ve made electronic protected health information a top priority and it shows.

Virtual Appointments

Virtual appointments are fully supported through our secure HD video conferencing platform. Covantex is an impressive telemedicine tool that transforms how doctors interact with their patients and the world.  This robust all-in-one solution makes telemedicine accessible, easy and intuitive.  Through our powerful solutions, you can expand your practice or simply to spend less time in the office.

Covantex helps you get the most out of all that video conferencing has to offer. Regardless of whether its in-person consultations, meetings, doctor to patient, doctor-to-doctor or setting up an entire virtual conference room, we have you covered.

More Than Just an EMR

At Covantex we are more than just an EMR. We provide a full end-to-end cloud-based HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform. That means that in additon to a fully functional EMR with integrated HD video, we also take care of the business of telemedicine. We have a full eCommerce suite of functionality that supports multiple types of revenue models - from per member per month to consult fee only. We faciliate not only the online consultation but also provide a robust billing and payment s solution.

Combined with our world class physician network, Covantex brings high tech and high touch to the virtual consult. 

We are changing healthcare one patient at a time.

Covid-19 Screening

We have added Covid-19 screening questions to assist doctors in identifying those patients who may have been infected with Covid-19. Click here for more information.

For more information call us at: +1 855-401-0010

Telemedicine for everyone

Physicians, health faculties and patients alike all benefit from everything that Covantex has to offer. HD video conferencing is a game changer. Now with Covantex the world has a powerful new medical option.
We’ve designed our EMR solution to be easy to use, robust and highly functional. Covantex’s mHealth Portal manages all patient activities and works to provide updated tracking of multiple patient visits. What is included in our EMR? Our EMR includes demographic information, complete health history, payment arrangements, HIPAA acknowledgements, scheduling of consult and medical health disclosure all at your fingertips. All medical information is encrypted to FIPS 140-2 standards while at rest. We transit data over secure SSL. Covantex also offers HIPAA compliant video conferencing.
  • SOAP Notes
  • Media Attachments
  • Secure HD Video Conferencing
  • Automated SMS Messaging
  • Consult Recording
  • eRX through SureScripts
  • Integrated ICD10 Database
  • Integrated CPT codes
  • 160,000+ Pharmacies
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • 140-2 Encryption
  • Automated SMS Messaging
  • Push Button Scalability
  • Global Footprint
  • Multi-site Failover
  • High bandwidth Load Balancing
In just a day, we can implement Covantex. All you need to do is provide us with patient information, and we then enter those details into the system. Shortly thereafter, you’ll have your own telemedicine and video conferencing capabilities up and running.

Why Telemedicine

Telemedicine opens up new opportunities for doctors to reach your patients. Through this technology, patients are able to receive improve access to care regardless of their location.

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Why Covantex

Covantex has HD video conferencing capabilities designed to facilitate HIPAA compliant doctor to patient and doctor-to-doctor in a secure fashion without any expensive upfront investment.

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Full EMR

We provide physicians with a robust, secure EMR. You’ll save time and money, and have greater flexibility by leveraging our video conferencing and eRx capabilities as well as provide your patients with better service.

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Video Conferencing

Our secure HD video conferencing has an array of benefits. Covantex HD video conferencing integrates seamlessly, is completely scalable, and there is zero infrastructure, setup or maintenance cost.

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