Our Technology

Our Covantex private label offering offer sa fully branded mobile health platform - a PaaS technology and is intended to provide fine-grained customization through direct API integraion. Our REST-based API was designed for our own telemedicine platform and we are offering it as a standalone product to healthcare IT organizations, health institutions and enterprises interested in their own telemedicine service. Our enabling platform includes everything you need to create a completely branded telemedicine offering and we can provide access to our physician network as well as our call center on an outsourced basis.  Choose which components you need for your deployment and depending on branding requirements we can have you up and running in four weeks.

Our PaaS platform is a turnkey OEM telemedicine solution designed to scale with a growing enterprise needs. Integrated with external systems (EMRs, Secure HD Video, messaging, e-Rx, etc.), our technology delivers a powerful platform to healthcare application and systems providers by offering a turnkey embedded telemedicine platform.


Cloud Based Solution


Simply put, cloud computing is computing based on the internet. In the past, people would run applications or programs from software downloaded on a physical computer or server in their building. Cloud computing allows people access to the same kinds of applications through the internet.

Cloud computing is based on the premise that the main computing takes place on a machine, often remote, that is not the one currently being used. Data collected during this process is stored and processed by remote servers (also called cloud servers). This means the device accessing the cloud doesn’t need to work as hard.

By hosting software, platforms, and databases remotely, the cloud servers free up the memory and computing power of individual computers. Users can securely access cloud services using credentials received from the cloud computing provider.


1. Efficiency / cost reduction

By using cloud infrastructure, you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on purchasing and maintaining equipment drastically reducing capex costs. You don’t have to invest in hardware, facilities, utilities, or building out a large data center to grow your business. You do not even need large IT teams to handle your cloud data center operations, as you can enjoy the expertise of the cloud provider’s staff.

Cloud also reduces costs related to downtime. Since downtime is rare in cloud systems, this means you don’t have to spend time and money on fixing potential issues related to downtime.

2. Data security

Data breaches and other cybercrimes can devastate a company’s revenue, customer loyalty and brand positioning. The cloud offers many advanced security features that guarantee that data is securely stored and handled. Data is always encrypted at rest.

Cloud storage providers implement baseline protections for their platforms and the data they process, such authentication, access control, and encryption. From there, we supplement with additional security measures via two-factor authentication, enforcement of long passwords, auto session timeouts, 

3. Scalability

Using the cloud enables Covantex to efficiently — and quickly — scale up/down depending on our needs or the needs of our clients.

This inherent scalability minimizes the risks associated with in-house operational issues and maintenance. We have high-performance resources at our disposal with professional solutions and zero up-front (hardware) investment.

Scalability is probably the greatest advantage of the cloud.

4. Mobility

With our cloud-based deployment users can access the data 24/7 in any corner of the world as long as you stay connected to the internet.

5. Disaster recovery

Data loss is a major concern for all organizations, along with data security. Storing our data in the cloud guarantees that data is always available, even if your equipment like laptops or PCs, are damaged. Cloud-based services provide quick data recovery for all kinds of emergency scenarios — from natural disasters to power outages.

Cloud infrastructure also helps us with loss prevention. With a traditional on-premises approach, all our data would be stored locally, on local computers. Computers can malfunction from various reasons — from malware and viruses, to age-related hardware deterioration, to simple user error.

With the data stored in the cloud with redundancy and fail over servers it remains accessible for any user with an internet connection.

Industry Compatible Data Model

Covantex’s data model adheres to HL7 standards for our internal data model.

Relationship Model



Contact call (888) 662-3383 or email: sales@covanantex.com



Telemedicine for everyone

Physicians, health faculties and patients alike all benefit from everything that Covantex has to offer. HD video conferencing is a game changer. Now with Covantex the world has a powerful new medical option.
We’ve designed our EMR solution to be easy to use, robust and highly functional. Covantex’s mHealth Portal manages all patient activities and works to provide updated tracking of multiple patient visits. What is included in our EMR? Our EMR includes demographic information, complete health history, payment arrangements, HIPAA acknowledgements, scheduling of consult and medical health disclosure all at your fingertips. All medical information is encrypted to FIPS 140-2 standards while at rest. We transit data over secure SSL. Covantex also offers HIPAA compliant video conferencing.
  • SOAP Notes
  • Media Attachments
  • Secure HD Video Conferencing
  • Automated SMS Messaging
  • Consult Recording
  • eRX through SureScripts
  • Integrated ICD10 Database
  • Integrated CPT codes
  • 160,000+ Pharmacies
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • 140-2 Encryption
  • Automated SMS Messaging
  • Push Button Scalability
  • Global Footprint
  • Multi-site Failover
  • High bandwidth Load Balancing
In just a day, we can implement Covantex. All you need to do is provide us with patient information, and we then enter those details into the system. Shortly thereafter, you’ll have your own telemedicine and video conferencing capabilities up and running.

Why Telemedicine

Telemedicine opens up new opportunities for doctors to reach your patients. Through this technology, patients are able to receive improve access to care regardless of their location.

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Why Covantex

Covantex has HD video conferencing capabilities designed to facilitate HIPAA compliant doctor to patient and doctor-to-doctor in a secure fashion without any expensive upfront investment.

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Full EMR

We provide physicians with a robust, secure EMR. You’ll save time and money, and have greater flexibility by leveraging our video conferencing and eRx capabilities as well as provide your patients with better service.

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Video Conferencing

Our secure HD video conferencing has an array of benefits. Covantex HD video conferencing integrates seamlessly, is completely scalable, and there is zero infrastructure, setup or maintenance cost.

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